The 25 Posts

Here’s the full list of all the original 25 posts from January 2015, all in one place:

  1. Introducing CR 25!
  2. Web & Tech Events in South Wales: January 2015
  3. 25 Years of IT Milestones – A Timeline
  4. Why Cardiff?
  5. 4 Innovative Jobseeker Approaches Using Google, Social Media & Modern Technology
  6. Back in the Day… David Jones Looks Back on 25 Years of IT Changes
  7. Jobseeking & Social Media – An Interview with Miranda Bishop
  8. Text? Video? Infographic?! What Type of CV Should You Use?
  9. The Coworking Spaces of South Wales
  10. A Look Inside… Nudjed, a Health Tech Startup in Caerphilly
  11. 5 Retro IT Roles That Have Gone the Way of the Dodo…
  12. Back in the Day… Running an IT Recruitment Agency in the 1990s
  13. The Top 5 Videos for Jobseekers
  14. 3 Factors For Successful SEO Job Interviews
  15. How To Get Your First Web Developer Job – For Graduates & Non-Graduates
  16. What Do 16 South Wales IT Employers Look For in an Employee?
  17. The Cool ICT Things Going On in Welsh Schools – 3 Interviews
  18. A Look Inside… PayZip, a Payment Management Startup in Cardiff
  19. Running Tech Events in South Wales – An Interview with Joel Hughes
  20. Out of Office: Why Are IT Professionals Leaving the Office to Work From Home?
  21. Back In The Day… Nathan Sivapatham: “How Things Have Changed”
  22. What Do 8 South Wales IT Employees Look For in an Employer?
  23. 5 IT Jobs that May Not Exist in 10 Years’ Time
  24. Comparing 25 IT CVs in 1990 to 25 in 2014 – a ‘Dissected’ Infographic
  25. The CR 25 IT Acronym Quiz

Bonus posts

And here are posts we’ve published after January 2015, to correspond with a later anniversaries: