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Aimee Bateman photoIt’s a great pleasure to publish this post, which is being published in conjunction with Aimee Bateman of Aimee offers advice to UK jobseekers via the videos on her excellent YouTube channel. Having personally seen Aimee present at the Foundersconf Conference in Cardiff back in July 2013, I could see just how caring, genuine and passionate a person she is when it comes to trying to help people to land the job of their dreams. With that in mind, we asked Aimee to hand-pick her personal top 5 videos for jobseekers. Here they are…

1) Warning: Employers Read Your Tweets

A fairly recent video (uploaded in November), Aimee has a little “rant” about social media usage on the jobseeking front. While Twitter can be really good to use to connect and network with potential employers and to get onto their radar (and Aimee recommends keeping your tweets public, not private), it’s important not to send out negative tweets as it can scupper your jobseeking chances. She gives an example of someone who tweeted saying that they blagged in an interview, which can really be off-putting – not only if the interviewer read it, but to any and all potential employers.

[Want to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of social media and jobseeking? We conducted an interview with a social media consultant (who’s had a few jobseeking/social media success stories herself in the past) earlier in the month – check it out here!]

2) Top Tips for Networking or Careers Events

In my experience, networking is hugely underutilised on the jobseeking front – I wish that I’d networked more when I was trying to get a job out of uni years ago. Aimee recommends doing your research beforehand (find out who’s there), take business cards and/or a CV with you and not to be afraid about going it alone…

I especially like the “do your research” advice – I remember going to a career events and approached a company that I thought offered events management services (a career that I wanted to get into at the time) but found out that they actually offered financial services. D’oh! Not a good first impression and rather embarrassing…!

3) Interview Tip: Tell Me About Yourself?

Currently Aimee’s most popular video on YouTube to date (with over 300,000 views), Aimee argues that this is often the first question asked at a job interview, yet it often trips people up, as it isn’t one that people traditionally prepare for.

There’s no right way to answer it, but it’s important to prepare for it nonetheless. It’s a good place to drop miscellaneous info, which may lead to later discussions and more questions later on.

4) 5 Steps to an Incredible Cover Letter

In addition to a killer CV, a customised cover letter can really help you out to getting you a job interview. It’s important to customise and personalise it (e.g. “Dear [name]” beats “Dear Sir/Madam”), show genuine interest in the company and make them feel like they’re the only company that you want to work for (even if that’s not necessarily true)!

5) How to Create a Successful Video CV

Lastly, Aimee offers advice on how to create a great video CV. Video CVs can be a really good way to not only showcase your personality more-so than via the written word of the CV, but to also show your passion. Some of the main points are to keep it short (1-2 minutes maximum), don’t just read out your CV to the viewers and make sure to dress appropriately (just as you would at an actual interview). It’s important that the production looks good and professional, but buying the equipment doesn’t have to break the bank.

[As an aside, we discussed different types of CVs beyond the traditional text CV – including video CVs – in an earlier CR 25 post.]

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