The Coworking Spaces of South Wales

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Intro note: Although this post was first published in January 2015, we’re updating it on an on-going basis indefinitely. Please see a full list of updates right at the bottom of the post.

Whether you’re self-employed, freelancing, working remotely or working full-time but have a few side-projects on the go, working from home can seem great at first, but the novelty can wear off pretty fast. The distractions at home (whether it’s the washing up or the video games console!) can lead to less focus in your work, plus it can become very boring and lonely, especially as the weeks and months go by. Thankfully, the concept of coworking is growing in popularity as an in-between: you may not need full-on office space, and while you may find that you work better out of the house, the idea of ‘coffee shop hopping’ may not appeal to you. That was certainly the case with me…

Of course, coworking spaces usually offer more than just a desk, WiFi connection and coffee. Some offer business support while others regularly hold events. At the end of the day, it’s worth checking them out and seeing what’s right for you as an individual.

Also, it’s important to know that coworking spaces all tend to operate a little differently from one another. Some only accommodate ‘day trippers,’ i.e. people who pay to be there for the day. Others only accommodate residents/members, i.e. people who have a dedicated desk space all the time and pay an on-going fee. Some do both.

There are a few dedicated coworking spaces in the South Wales region. I don’t think there’s a list anywhere, so I decided to put one together…

First of all, here’s a map:

* Important note! * Please enquire and look into an individual coworking space before you plan your visit. Please understand that exact coworking space locations may not be 100% accurate (we’re pretty confident that they are – or that they’re close, for those that we’ve not visited personally), and that this map may not be 100% up-to-date (e.g. if a space closes and we do not manage to update it straight away). Thanks!

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Here’s more info about each of the spaces…

Have we missed any? If so, please let us know by tweeting us and we will add them in!

The Business Centre pinThe Business Centre

The Business CentreLocation: Barry
Offering: Monthly membership agreement
Open late? YES! (24/7 access for clients)
Open Saturdays? YES! (24/7 access for clients)
Meeting rooms? YES!

In addition to individual office units, The Business Centre in Barry offers coworking and shared office space. A flexible working environment with high speed internet access, telephony services and a permanent base for the single users (furniture included). The facilities have been designed to provide a permanent office accommodation within a shared working environment but with all the benefits of a fully serviced office suite, particularly intended for startups, single operators and homeworkers.

Chwarae Teg pinChwarae Teg

Chwarae TegLocation: Chwarae Teg’s office (1st Floor Anchor Court, Keen Road, Cardiff, CF24 5JW)
Offering: Monthly membership with flexible terms from as little as £7 per day
Open late? YES! (Until 7pm, in line with CTeg’s office hours)
Open Saturdays? No
Meeting rooms? YES!

In early 2015 Chwarae Teg started to offer a women-only coworking space from within their offices by the Magic Roundabout in Cardiff, which is about a 15-ish-minute walk out of the city centre. Coworkers get office space in their Incubator Room with a shared desk and cupboard space, plus there’s lots of other perks including access to meeting rooms, free parking, first refusal of free events held at Anchor Court, and ad hoc support available such as basic bookkeeping/payroll/HR services and business finance advice.

Hwyl Hub pinHwyl Hub

Location: Merthyr Tydfil
Offering: Various: day trippers, part-time and full-time
Open late? They’re trialling a 5-9 Club (similar to Welsh ICE – see below), available on demand
Open Saturdays? YES! Open at weekends for full members
Meeting rooms? YES!

Launched in February 2016, Hwyl Hub is a coworking space and community based in the centre of Merthyr Tydfil, to the north of the Valleys along the A470. It’s been established as a CIC (a community interest company) and was even developed as a collective effort from its members – e.g. tables were made, sofas were borrowed, etc. I’ve spoken to the guys who run it and it sounds as though they’re very serious in their efforts to help their local community – one of the most struggling areas in South Wales economically – which is great to see.

indycube pinindycube

Location: Various across South Wales (see the map above and the info below)
Offering: Mostly caters to permanent residents, but also caters to ‘day trippers’
Open late? No, although the Cardiff Bay location is open 24 hours to full-time members
Open Saturdays? YES! (Open on weekends for permanent members)
Meeting rooms? Depends on the location (but mostly YES!)


indycube is perhaps South Wales’ most well-known coworking provider, simply because they have multiple locations: they have multiple spaces in Cardiff as well as spaces in Bridgend, Carmarthen, Chepstow, Cwmbran, Ferndale (RCT), Garndiffaith (north of Pontypool), Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Narberth (Pembrokeshire), Newport, Pembroke Dock, Pontypridd, Porth, St Davids, Swansea, Tredegar and Treharris. Whew! You can also get a free day pass simply about enquiring about a desk for the day.

The Maltings pinThe Maltings (Space2B)

The MaltingsLocation: Near Cardiff city centre (East Tyndall Street, CF24 5EZ)
Offering: Variety of options available, including coworking & office space
Open late? YES! (up to 10pm, plus 24/7 access for dedicated desks)
Open Saturdays? YES! (open weekends for dedicated desk members)
Meeting rooms? YES!

The Maltings is a beautiful building that offers office space and commercial document storage – and it’s just launched a coworking space as part of the company’s Space2B offering. Benefits for monthly members include on-site parking, an on-site café and a complimentary shuttle bus to and from the city centre.

Meanwhile Creative pinMeanwhile House Cardiff

Meanwhile CreativeLocation: Cardiff city centre (Williams Way, CF10 5DY)
Offering: Variety of options available, including coworking, office space & studio space
Open late? YES! (full access into the evening)
Open Saturdays? YES! (open weekends)
Meeting rooms? YES!

Meanwhile Creative’s goal is to unlock dormant commercial space and turn it into a flexible work space for creatives, startups and small businesses. Having started up in Bristol, they have just opened a space in Cardiff (as of August 2016). It’s a 5-minute walk away from the back entrance to Cardiff Central railway station.

Pembroke House pinPembroke House

Pembroke HouseLocation: Cwmbran
Offering: A few coworking desks available, plus office space
Open late? YES! (option of having 24/7 access)
Open Saturdays? YES! (option of having 24/7 access)
Meeting rooms? YES!

Pembroke House in Cwmbran has 6 desks available at £100 per month. A few serious startups are based in the building or started off there – including DashHound – so if you live in or near the area then it might be worth a look.

This Facebook post gives a lot of info about what they offer altogether.

[Hat tip to Jamie McGowan for mentioning this one.]

Rabble Studio pinRabble Studio

Location: Cardiff Bay
Offering: Part-time & full-time desks only, plus day rates
Open late? YES! (24/7 for full-time members)
Open Saturdays? YES! (24/7 for full-time members)
Meeting rooms? YES!

Rabble Studio
A dedicated coworking space for the creatives of Cardiff: designers, developers, photographers, film makers, writers, illustrators, creative producers, art directors, architects, makers – anyone who works in a creative field. There is also the Lounge (a smaller room with sofas, etc.) which can be hired as a workshop space. There’s only 16+ work stations, so availability is limited. Knowing Dan (the founder) personally, it sounds like a very exciting working environment if you tick the creative box.

Sovereign Connect pinSovereign Connect

Location: Llantrisant
Offering: Offers a monthly rolling membership arrangement (from £97 per month)
Open late? YES! (Members have 24 hour access)
Open Saturdays? YES! (Members have 24 hour access)
Meeting rooms? YES!

Sovereign Connect
Claiming to be “not just a coworking/hotdesking environment,” Sovereign Connect’s membership offers virtual office facilities, networking groups, a private social media group, training workshops, and great spaces for both formal and informal meetings. They advertise themselves as an ‘executive’ space yet offer really reasonable monthly rates, with their meeting room hire and virtual office facilities available as add-ons on top. Sounds like a great space in the area, which is also not far from J34 of the M4, outside Cardiff to the north-west.

The Sustainable Studio pinThe Sustainable Studio

Location: Cardiff city centre
Offering: Hot desks, monthly rolling membership and studio spaces
Open late? YES! (Members have 24 hour access)
Open Saturdays? YES! (24/7 access for members and for events)
Meeting rooms? YES! (+ event space)

Sustainable Studio
Based a few minutes walk from Cardiff Central train station, The Sustainable Studio is a coworking space aimed at more of the ‘maker’ and creative crowd. Members include a photographer, a ceramic artist, a fashion label and a manufacturer of male grooming products, to give you an idea of who/what is there.

I’ve not visited myself, but I know a few people who are members and they rave about it, so definitely one to check out if you can.

TechHub Swansea pinTechHub Swansea

TechHub SwanseaLocation: Swansea city centre
Offering: As well as dedicated full-time membership packages they now offer day memberships
Open late? YES! (Members have 24 hour access)
Open Saturdays? YES!
Meeting rooms? YES!

While I’ve not tried TechHub Swansea personally, I’ve heard good things. They moved spaces a while back and their new building has a dedicated event space and a tech café. Whereas they previously only offered full-time membership, they now offer day memberships.

TecMarina pinTecMarina

Location: Penarth Marina (south of Cardiff)
Offering: On-going/membership basis
Open late? YES! Anyone in the building at 7:30pm can work as late as they like, however there is no re-entry into the building after 7:30pm
Open Saturdays? YES! Members have access, but the building is unmanned
Meeting rooms? YES!

TecMarina is a new space that opened in April 2016 in Penarth Marina. It has a big focus on office space, although there is a dedicated coworking space area and membership fees for coworkers especially. It’s an amazing space, boasting various meeting rooms and breakout spaces, a gaming room, and even an on-site gym with shower facilities. Refreshments-wise they offer unlimited bean-to-cup coffee, tea and hot chocolate, and it’s also in walking distance to a supermarket. It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this space over the coming months and years…

Tramshed Tech pinTramshed Tech

Location: Cardiff city centre
Offering: Offers different membership packages
Open late? No (but may change in the future)
Open Saturdays? No (but may change in the future)
Meeting rooms? YES!

Tramshed Tech
Cross the bridge west of Cardiff Central station and you’ll find Tramshed, a live music venue… and now, as part of the same building, there’s also a coworking space! Focusing on technology and creative industry startups especially, Tramshed Tech offers support, exclusive events and training to its members, through different packages (lounge, part-time, full-time or designated), depending on your needs.

Welsh ICE pinWelsh ICE

Location: Caerphilly (north of Cardiff)
Offering: Mostly only caters to permanent residents (on a membership scheme)
Open late? YES! (There’s a ‘5-9 Club’ one evening per week, meaning that they’re open until 9pm once per week)
Open Saturdays? YES! (9am – 1pm)
Meeting rooms? YES!

Welsh ICE
Welsh ICE (Innovation Centre for Enterprise) is intended more as a permanent solution, similar to TechHub Swansea but unlike the drop-in-for-the-day setup you get with indycube. The great thing about ICE is that you can ‘scale up’ easily: for example, if you hire staff and outgrow the coworking space area, you can move into your own room. I’ve heard stories of people changing their address every 6-12 months because they keep needing to increase their office space, so at least you can do it comfortably without the change of address hassles. And while Caerphilly isn’t Cardiff per se, it’s literally only a few minutes’ drive out of the city.

Have we missed any? If so, please let us know by tweeting us and we will add them in!


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